Welcome to the DEcolonize Nonprofits Podcast! ISSA Movement

Welcome to the DEcolonize Nonprofits Podcast! ISSA Movement

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Anti-racist education. Promoting more Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Nonprofit workplaces where BIPOC employees can thrive!

Show notes

Research shows a “white advantage” exists within the nonprofit sector. This “white advantage” is particularly pronounced in agencies where the leadership is predominately White. Interestingly enough, no one is really talking about it and the implications this “white advantage” poses for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) employees.

DEcolonize Nonprofits is more than just a weekly podcast, it’s a movement to create more inclusive and equitable nonprofits across the globe. When we say “DEcolonize Nonprofits,” simply put, we mean decenter white supremacist standards and uplift, value and celebrate BIPOC employees by creating more inclusive and equitable nonprofit workplaces.

We're featuring a multi-racial, intergenerational team of hosts and guest that will tackle topics pertaining to DEI including race, gender identity, unconscious bias and more.

Listen and subscribe for courageous conversations about the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion across the nonprofit sector. We’re unabashed about discussing racism, unconscious bias, and the many ways it rears its ugly head within nonprofit workplaces across the nation.

DEcolonize nonprofits will honor BIPOC nonprofit employees by turning the tropes and microaggressions they’ve had perpetrated against them into anti-racist education.

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